Letters to the Editor

Vote for Schultz  (Submitted to the Concord Monitor on July 8, 2017)

My wife Kris Schultz is running for state representative in Concord’s Ward 9 special election. I want to take this opportunity to share why I think voters should vote for her.

Kris earned her degree in Political Science and then spent sixteen years as a political consultant. I cannot state strongly enough that she chose that career path not for money, not for prestige, and not for access to power. She has never cared about those things. She entered that career path specifically because she believes that politics can be a vehicle for improving people’s lives. Kris cares about addressing poverty, homelessness, labor issues, health care, immigration, and access to education, among other issues.

Kris is currently contributing to our community through working for nonprofits and frequent volunteering. Kris has spent many nights at South Church’s former winter homeless shelter, raised money for The Friendly Kitchen, assisted the Concord Coalition to End Homelessness, and served as the President of the Greater Concord Interfaith Council. This is but a fraction of Kris’s work in our community.

My wife has entered this race because of her commitment to a life of service, commitment to the well-being of others, and to government that serves the people. This is who she is. Kris is a candidate with a long history of contributing to the community, experience with the issues, sincerity, and integrity. I hope you will join me in voting for my wife on July 18th.

Gene Taylor